VERTIGO is outstanding among the sliding folding grilles for its innovative design, which makes it in every respect a motorized armoured VERTICAL collapsible grille made of… aluminium-coated steel.

The wall attachment steel elements are tightly attached to the inox structure. So aluminium is just an elegant coat. Made of valuable materials, VERTIGO is a high-quality product especially designed byAEK for our clients. The inner armour (2 rods ø 8 mm inside each bar) and the 18 x 5 mm cross sections are made of inox steel AISI 304 to ensure long durability as well as protection from corrosion and from the elements, which are typical of damp and seaside regions.       

The chain-driven motion is extremely smooth and quiet. 

VERTIGO is also outstanding because it can be equipped with an integrated MOSQUITO CURTAIN that opens and closes with the grille but can also be retracted by hand. The mosquito curtain can also be applied to VERTIGO later, to keep out any kind of intruder.    

VERTIGO has a slender and harmonious outline thanks to its round and fine aluminium pickets

Product details: